Anti Aging Body Lotion

Anti Aging body lotion is an important weapon in any arsenal to fight aging and its tell-tale signs. Fortunately our bodies are less exposed to the damaging rays of the sun so tend to be have fewer problems related to the effects of sun damage, but we may develop wrinkles on our hands and arms as well as elsewhere. Anyway, our skin is by far the largest organ of the body and deserves proper care and quite apart from any other consideration, body lotions are nice to use and are an all-over pampering treat that does not cost a great deal when compared to anti aging serum and moisturizer products for the face.
not all anti aging body lotion products are equal

Not all body lotions are created equal!

  • When selecting one look for ingredients such as (amongst others):
  • Shea butter – minimises extrinsic aging. Also contains vitamins A and E. A good moisturizer. (extrinsic aging definition here
  • Vitamin C. For topical use an ester form is required. Pure natural vitamin c is irritating to the skin as anyone who has drunk orange juice and not wiped any residue from the lips can attest. Reduces wrinkles. A powerful anti-oxidant.
  • Vitamin E. Another powerful antioxidant with numerous benefits. Beware of artificial forms.
  • Vitamin K – the “forgotten vitamin”. Like vitamin D is becoming more prominent and helps preserve the elasticity of the skin.
  • Resveratrol (cocoa, red grapes, grape seed oil)
  • Astaxanthin – proven to reduce wrinkles.
  • Phytessence Wakame – blocks the breakdown of hyaluronen which keeps the elastin and collagen together.
  • Jojoba oil – a superb moisturiser
  • CoQ10 – a powerful anti-oxidant.

Ingredients to avoid in Anti Aging body lotions:

  • Fragrances, particularly synthetic fragrances – they may be allergenic
  • Triclosan has been linked to endocrine disruption.
  • Synthetic versions of natural substances. These may not have the same benefits as the natural ingredients and may often be actively harmful. Examples are cetyl alcohol and tocopherol acetate.
  • Mineral oil clogs the pores and stops the skin breathing.
  • Dioxane may contain significant quantities of carcinogenic dioxene.
  • Parabens (methyl, propyl, butyl, or ethyl) used as preservatives may be carcinogenic or cause irritations and rashes.
  • Alcohols can be very drying and irritating for the skin they may also remove the skins natural protective oil (just as soaps do).

You can create your own very good body lotion using Shea butter/Jojoba oil/ Cocoa butter mixed with grape seed extract (resveratrol) and possibly a non-irritating, natural fragrance such as lavender essential oil.

If you need a good sun blocking lotion, have a look at
DNA Scientific Anti Aging Natural Cosmetics Safe Sun Body Lotion. With an SPF of 50, this is comprehensive protection and uses a patented technology which means that the sun protection chemicals do not come into contact with the skin and are also not absorbed. This makes it a premium choice for any one who needs the sun protection in a body lotion. It also contains a powerful form of vitamin C. It is not cheap, but is available at a big discount at Amazon right now so worth checking out!

We all tend to have our own skin problems, so it can be difficult to find a good, reasonably-priced body lotion to meet our specific needs. Have a look at this search results page for a big selection of anti aging body lotions. One of them is sure to suit you, or you can browse for your preferred ingredients to formulate your own body lotion instead. The book pictured (right) has a great selection of recipes for home made natural skin care and hair care products (visit the product page here for additional information).