Anti Aging Facial Exercises

anti aging facial exercises can be done anywhereJust how effective are anti aging facial exercises as an alternative botox or plastic surgery? Whilst Botox is treated almost as a cosmetic in some circles, it interferes with the natural expressiveness of the face.

With regard to plastic surgery, many famous faces will admit to having had ‘a little work done’ but it is certainly also the case that there have been many well-publicised cases of face-lifts gone wrong.

As an alternative to either, there are lots of books, dvds, online videos recommending facial exercising – but does this actually work?

Well the good news is that there is evidence that exercising can help restore some of the youthfulness to your face. A lot of our problems lie in our habitual expressions, which do not exercise and tone all the muscles of our faces. Like any muscles, facial muscles which are insufficiently used can become slack, unattractive and wrinkled. This can be corrected by proper exercise.

Further good news is that these exercises are quite simple to use and are not at all strenuous, nor are they time-consuming. There is also general agreement among the facial exercise gurus about suitable types of exercises. There are even facial exercise kits designed to help with the process. So there is a lot going for this approach.

A disadvantage is that the anti aging facial exercises should be done virtually every day, at least initially, and it can take a while before the benefits begin to show. Also, there are normal intrinsic aging processes involved as well, so simple exercising is unlikely to bring your face and neck back to youthful perfection, although you can certainly improve your appearance and reduce those tell-tale signs of aging.

Pictured right is the Facial-Flex Facial Excercise System.

This is basically a resistance training device for your facial muscles that works particularly well for toning up the jaw line and neckline. It is getting lots of great reviews!

Amazon Customer Review:

“As a gym buff, I knew that my face also needed “resistance training” if I were to keep it firm. After using the product for about a week, I noticed that my smile was more symmetrical (for some reason, the left corner of my mouth at times didn’t always rise equally with the right). My cheeks also looked fuller. It’s still a challenge to use the product correctly but I’m making facial flex a part of my regimen.”

As part of a holistic approach, including diet, regular exercise, anti aging creams and supplements, red light therapy and meditation for stress relief, these facial exercises certainly have a lot going for them. After all, there may be only a small percentage of unsuccessful face-lifts – but the risk is always there – would you want to chance being one of the ‘statistics’? Another consideration is that the natural approach is much more affordable. There is an interesting discussion here

Facial Yoga Exercises

These can help with specific areas of your face -check out this video which particularly deals with using exercise to improve wrinkles under eyes and around the eye area.

Surgery Is Not An Ultimate Fix

Even should you opt for surgery you would still need to use all these anti-aging techniques afterwards, otherwise your youthful appearance can degenerate surprisingly quickly. So really, unless you are prepared to undergo repeat face-lifts, why not start a program now and see what benefits you can achieve before you finally commit yourself? It doesn’t involve anything very time-consuming (the exercises are a simple additions to your daily routine and can be done whenever you have a few spare minutes available or combined with other tasks) and the results may both surprise and delight you.

Facial exercises can certainly help improve your appearance, but the real secret to fighting the signs of age is to blast them with everything you can. The holistic approach above is the real secret to retaining your youthful appearance. Find out what foods are best for your metabolism and stick to your total anti-aging process. The occasional deviation will do no harm, as your body is remarkably resilient, so don’t stress too much about it.

facial exercises may look odd if done in publicYou can browse an assortment of books and facial exercise kits which are available at Amazon by following the link provided. Remember that any continued stress is a huge factor in aging. Moderate exercise is a vital part of any anti-aging strategy and you can often do many of the anti-aging facial exercises at the same time, although you may present a somewhat peculiar appearance if you do this in public!