Beat The Signs of Ageing in Five Simple Steps

If you’ve got crow’s feet, wrinkles and laughter lines, it’s time to take action. Fight off the signs of ageing in five simple steps and reveal a soft, smooth and vibrant complexion – it’s easier than you might think.

Here’s what to do:

Try IPL laser
Are age spots getting you down? Do the broken capillaries on your face make you look old? If so, you could try a skin rejuvenation procedure. For instance, IPL Laser successfully treats a number of skin ailments and requires little to no down time. Powerful lights are used to penetrate the skin and the body’s natural processes then remove the damaged tissue – leaving you with a much-improved complexion. Dramatic results can be seen within a relatively short period of time although a course of treatments is usually recommended.


Tip: When exfoliating those hard to reach places, a body brush makes the job so much easier!

Shed your old skin by exfoliating on a weekly basis.

Simply buy a luxurious exfoliating gel and rub it over your body using small circular movements. This will improve your circulation and should remove the grease and grime clogging your pores.

Always start at your feet and gradually move up your body, paying particular attention to rough or dry patches. You should notice that your skin looks and feels younger in no time.

If your complexion needs a little more attention, you could always try microdermabrasion as this treatment provides intensive exfoliation.

No matter what your age, it’s important to moisturise on a daily basis. A decent cream will keep your skin soft and supple and should prevent it from becoming dry. Opt for a quality anti-ageing product to reduce lines and wrinkles and speak to a dermatologist if you’re not sure what to buy. It’s better to spend a little more on a quality cream than to buy something useless. You’ll probably need one product for your body and another for your face – but it’ll be worth it in the long run.

Editor’s Note – Want to find out more about moisturizing?Learn what ingredients to look for to ensure you get the best anti aging moisturizer for your skin.

For moisturizing your body, find out which ingredients to look for and which you should definitely avoid in anti aging body lotion.


Check out Botox
If you’re looking to get rid of lines and wrinkles, find out more about Botox. It’s popular with the rich and famous and is an effective age-busting treatment. A protein formula’s used to relax the muscles in your faces and is injected into your problem areas using very fine needles. You might need a top up here and there, but results can last for a number of weeks at a time. If you can’t stand the sight of needles, a chemical peel can also reduce dents and creases, but be sure to visit a reputable clinic.

Use a face mask
Learn how to make a natural facemask and enjoy some girly time at home. The simplest of ingredients can do wonders for your skin, so don’t be afraid to raid your kitchen cupboards. Start by mashing up an avocado and placing the mixture on your face for around 30 minutes. Seeing as there are no harsh chemical in this concoction it doesn’t matter if you leave it on for longer – but don’t forget to wash it off before leaving the house or opening the front door. Avocados contain a wealth of antioxidants which combat free radicals and are thought to reduce the signs of ageing.

Grow old in style and feel wonderful at all times.

Editor’s note:
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This is a guest post by Isabella who is a blogger for Cosmetic Surgery Guru a blog dedicated to providing advice and information on all cosmetic procedures from IPL laser skin rejuvenation treatments to full body transformations.