The Best Anti Aging Supplements for Men

When considering the best anti aging supplements for men, you can get such a long list that it would be virtually impossible to take them all every day. Of course, many of the requirements are very similar for women, too. But let’s simplify by looking at the causes of aging in general and then at how best to counter those causes before considering additional supplements.

Causes of Aging

The primary cause of aging is the shortening of the telomeres in our DNA. The following contribute to the telomere shortening:

Cortisol which is produced during extended stress. Beneficial in the short term, but terrible in the medium to long term. We were designed for short bursts of stress, not continuous daily stress like that from work. Consider animals – they respond to an immediate danger, then put it out of their minds. We create our own stress by constantly thinking about what should have happened or what might happened – unproductive processes. It also increases inflammation.

Inflammation is at the heart of many conditions, including heart disease. It too, is a beneficial process gone wrong. It is a response to a trauma and is intended to mobilize the body’s defences and healing mechanism. However, when the problem is not easily healed, the mechanism becomes one that created conditions and ages the cells rapidly.

Free radicals.
You can read a helpful article about free radicals here:

Trans-fatty acids.
The following video provides a fascinating insight into trans fatty acids in our diet – if you can bear with the first 25 seconds or so when there is just text on the screen, the video goes into a very interesting and helpful collection of information from potential health problems to ways to avoid these trans fatty acids in our diet.

In addition, there is a slowing down of normal body functions which produce essential hormones, possible an effect of the telomere shortening.

Can We Fix the Problem?

Knowledge is power. Read Dr Vincent Giampapa’s book “The Gene Makeover” available here to get the full background. We can reduce stress by meditation Electromagnetic stress, including that from mobile phones is also a potent aging stress factor. Recent studies have concerned the potential harm from mobile phone use. Remember, we are electric beings. “Laughter therapy” is also a great help to reduce stress.

Apart from that, here is a list of some of the most important anti-aging supplements, designed to supplement important hormonal deficiencies as well as combat the telomere shortening:

    anti aging supplements for men

  • HGH – scientific studies have shown it improves overall health and longevity. Peak fitness exercises help produce IGF and TGF as well
  • Resveratrol is strongly anti-inflammatory. It lowers the risk of heart disease and strokes plus it has many other anti-aging benefitsAstaxanthin is a carotenoid like lycopene, curcumin and beta carotene.
  • Pure vitamin A supplements may be harmful.Astaxanthin reduces wrinkles and is probably only exceeded by vitamin D in importance as a supplement
  • Astaxanthin is thought to be the most powerful antioxidant found in nature. Excellent anti-inflammatory action, astaxanthin is fat soluble and can be obtained with omega-3 oil from krill oil. Currently all astaxanthin supplements are natural.
  • Vitamin D plays a role in many metabolic processes, including bone formation and the immune system. Get UVB exposure or take the correct supplements. Don’t under=estimate this vitamin.
  • Vitamin E and tocotrienols are powerful anti-oxidants.
  • Vitamin C from natural sources is important for many processes and immunity . Pure synthetic vitamin C is ineffective.
  • Testosterone helps maintain muscle mass and bone density
  • Omega-3 oil helps strengthen cell and artery walls, apart from many other benefits.
  • Niacin helps get more oxygen to the brain and increases capillary size.
  • Iron is important for blood formation.
  • Cortisol can be combated directly with jiaogalun or Siberian ginseng.
  • Selenium strengthens the immune system, amongst other benefits.
  • Whey protein – reduces telomere shortening and extends life/reduces aging.

In Addition,
Extra-virgin olive oil. Calorie restriction without nutrient restriction (reduce carbohydrate intake) has been found to promote anti-aging. Eat a spoon or two of extra-virgin olive oil before your meals. It gives you the feeling of being “full”.

Cut down portions of carbohydrates and eat lots of salad vegetables instead. Eliminate trans-fats like margarine and salad oils used in cooking. Trans-fats are known to accelerate the shortening of your telomeres

Check out our information on anti aging foods to help you to improve your diet.

Is This All?

This list is not exhaustive. There is a long list of other supplements and dietary recommendations, but these are the highlights. You can visit Amazon now for specially formulated anti aging supplements for men (the link takes you to a list of supplements that you can browse – many at hugely discounted prices!).  Remember. In diet there is no “one size fits all”. The best anti-aging supplements for men would depend on the individual metabolism and you would need to find out what suits your body best.