3 Skin Care Habits That Are Secretly Aging You

keep skin looking young

Keep your skin looking young and beautiful by breaking the three bad habits which are most aging for your skin

Everyone has a bad habit or two. From biting your nails to eating in bed (points at herself!) or constantly correcting peoples poor grammar. In cases like these, people generally point out the habit and though we may not change them, we definitely take note.

But what happens when no one is there to witness some of our most harmful bad habits? I’m talking, skin care habits we commit solo that unknowingly age us prematurely.

With anti-aging always on our minds and the elusive fountain of youth always just a little out of reach, finding new ways to fight aging can be tedious.

So why not start by remedying the 3 skin care habits that are aging you the most?

Quit Popping Those Pimples!

popping a pimpleNot only is popping pimples a little disgusting, it is harmful for your skin. When you pop one of those puss filled pimples you are actually pushing dirt and bacteria further into your skin which causes even more inflammation.

Another important thing you’ll want to know about bursting blemishes is that it causes scarring. Not only do acne scars take longer to heal than a regular wound, but it causes the skin on your face to lose its elasticity and shape which ultimately ages you.

So how do you kick this bad habit to the curb?

aspirin to treat pimplesApply a homemade spot treatment and immediately reduce inflammation and redness. Once that disappears you are less likely to play with your zits. Just mash up one or two uncoated Aspirin, add a drop or two of water; just enough to make a paste, then apply to your zit.

In about 10-15 minutes the swelling will go down and the Aspirin will kill acne-causing bacteria from spreading and causing further breakouts.

Stop Forgetting Your SPF!

protect your skin in the sunSo you want a tan or at the very least a healthy glow; I get that. It is desires like this that make us question whether or not we should put on our daily SPF. Don’t be fooled though; 80% of our daily sun exposure is accidental and foregoing your daily SPF will only do more harm than good.

Here’s the skinny on unprotected sun exposure; your freckles can turn into ugly, dark spots, constant dehydration of the skin gives you that not-so-sexy leather face, your skin’s elasticity breaks down and wrinkles and fine lines become more apparent.

What you need is a good moisturizer with an SPF of 20 or higher and most importantly, one that protects against UVA and UVB rays.

Before applying your morning makeup, slather on your SPF moisturizer. Not only will it prime your face for better makeup application, but it will protect it. If you’re one of those gals who like to apply layers of foundation, don’t make the mistake of believing those layers will guard against the sun. UV rays can easily sneak through and cause those wrinkles, dark spots and sagging skin that give your face an aged appearance.

Resist Rubbing Your Face Raw!

After a long day, there’s nothing better than really rubbing and scrubbing yourself clean. Though abrasive facial scrubs may make you feel super clean, you are rubbing away precious layers of your faces’ sensitive skin. Now, that’s no way to get that baby smooth complexion, is it?

Abrasive facial scrubs cause micro-scarring and also leave your skin looking red and inflamed and even oily. Stripping your skin of its natural oils will only cause it to over-produce more.

Continuing this behavior and continuous scarring will break down your skins elasticity, dimple it and sooner than you like, your face will begin to sag and be more susceptible to dark spots, wrinkles and other unsightly premature signs of aging.

To break this habit and reverse some of the damage, use a gentle facial cleanser. What’s even better is to use olive or coconut oil mixed with a tiny bit of pure castor oil as a cleanser. Not only do these oils clean away dirt, bacteria and makeup, but they prevent your skin from overproducing oil because they are so similar to your skin’s natural sebum.

If you can acknowledge these harmful skin care habits then you are well on your way to taking action and reversing damage. Boot these bad habits and enjoy younger, more radiant looking skin in no time at all. Obviously these aren’t the only skincare habits that need breaking so please, if you have any of your own, share them in the comment section below!

Vanessa is a skincare writer for BesSkincare.com where she writes about anything and everything skincare. From product reviews on the best anti aging creams to handy DIY tips and tricks, she helps her readers to look and feel their absolute best!

Editor’s Note,
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