Anti Aging Serum

Virtually all cosmetic companies produce anti aging skin care products and there are many products on the market to help men and women fight the signs of aging. The newest line of anti aging defense products include anti aging serum. Confusion occurs because people do not understand the difference between wrinkle fighting cream and serum.

A serum delivers a higher potency of vitamin C and Retinol. These are the two most common ingredients; however, serums may also contain vitamin E and peptides. Most serums look like an oil instead of a cream. Since the anti aging serum is highly concentrated, you only need to use a small amount.

anti aging serum

Anti aging serums are usually applied at night so they can do their work whilst you sleep!

The serums are usually applied to the skin before retiring to bed. The premise is that during sleep your body begins a rejuvenation process that releases chemicals such as hormones. Skincare specialists believe this is the perfect time to provide your skin with vital nutrients to retard the aging process. In clinical studies, Vitamin C and Retinol have demonstrated the ability to increase collagen production. Using a serum while your body rejuvenates may aid the ability produce collagen, which provides elasticity to the skin.

However, several anti aging serums are most beneficial when used in the morning and at night. This depends on the skin-type and the depth of lines and wrinkles. The serum is used in conjunction with a cream or moisturizer. Serums are more expensive than creams; however, it is beneficial to include an anti aging serum in your daily skincare regimen.

Our Top 3 Anti Aging Serum Recommendations

The following are the serums that came out top in our research and are proven effective in the battle against fine lines and wrinkles:

Eucerin Q10 Redness Relief Soothing Anti Aging Serum

Eucerin is a company that develops skincare products for those who have sensitive skin. The remarkable anti aging serum is formulated for sensitive complexions and for those who suffer with rosacea. This serum will not irritate the skin and will actually help minimize the redness caused by rosacea.

Most men and women will experience visible results within four weeks of using this product regularly. It is fragrance-free and provides immediate relief from redness and irritation. Since the product is specifically formulated for sensitive skin, it can be used in the morning and at night.

Origins Plantscription(TM) Anti-Aging Serum

Allure magazine voted Origins Plantscription(TM) Anti-Aging Serum as the number one serum in 2011. The key ingredient in this highly rated product is the Anogeissus tree found in Ghana, West Africa.

The bark and leaves were used as an antimicrobial to heal wounds and sores. For centuries, it has been used to heal many ailments of the skin. Research conducted at the University of Strasbourg demonstrated the bark and leaves of the tree contain glycoprotein, which gives skin its bounce and firmness.

Since the product is plant-based, it does not contain harsh chemical or irritants. It is safe to use on sensitive complexions.

This product is a favorite among women over the age of 40, and it is quickly becoming a favorite among younger women who want to prevent the signs of aging. Used regularly, you will begin to see significant results within four weeks.

Boots No.7 Protect & Perfect Intense Beauty Serum

The Intense Beauty Serum is can be used on the entire face and neck area.

This serum is particularly beneficial for those who worshipped the sun during their younger days. Sun damage enhances wrinkles and causes uneven skin-tone.

In a clinical study, 70 percent of volunteers who sustained significant sun damage used the Boots serum and experienced a remarkable improvement in skin-tone and a reduction in fine lines.

Many volunteers experienced more suppleness on the face and neck.

sun damaged skinIt is recommended to use the product in the morning and at night.

However, most women did not experience significant results until after eight weeks of regular use.

For those who have significant sun damage, this is a wonderful product to include in your regular skincare regimen.

The key to success with any skincare treatment is to use the products as recommended. Sporadic use will not provide the expected results. If your complexion is sensitive, it is important to choose products specifically formulated for sensitive complexions. Many anti aging products including serums contain Retinol, which can be harsh and cause irritation. If you choose a product that causes irritation, contact the manufacturer for a refund. People fail to read the package insert or check the back of the package for refund information. Many products offer refunds if you are not complete satisfied with your anti aging serum – or if you experience any negative reaction from the product.

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